Equipment rental

GHS offers equipment rental services to cover the provisional needs of its customers in CNG and CNG service stations.

During years of activity in the gas sector, EPM Gas Technology has identified some service conditions that can be met provisionally, generating a great competitive advantage, reducing risks and operating problems.

Currently, GHS rents gas drying equipment and compressors of modular type.

Dryers are especially useful in the first months of the start-up of a CNG or CNG station. In fact, even in the presence of an optimum gas quality, residual and liquid impurities can be found in the pipes connecting the stations, especially during the start-up and during the first months of operation of an installation. This waste could seriously compromise the operation of the station’s equipments.

The GHS dryers, in addition to the drying function, are equipped with inlet and outlet filters to avoid serious problems in your equipment.


  • ■ MODEL 24″
  • ■ PED Certification
  • ■ nr. 2 Filters F / 1.5 ANSI 150 – (at the entrance and at the exit)
  • ■ Max Pressure: PS = 19 bar g
  • ■ Presión Max.: PS = 19 bar g
  • ■ Max temperature: TS = 50 ° C
  • ■ Min. Temperature: Tmin = -10 ° C
  • ■ Silica type: ZEOCHEM Z4-04 1.6-2.6mm
  • ■ Silica quantity: 140 kgs

In some conditions it can be very useful to install a compressor for a short period of time. For example in case of needing to activate an installation while the construction of the final station takes place. Or also, in case of serious service losses in stations without a redundant system that guarantees the operation. In all these cases, GHS offers its customers the MODULO solution.

It is an integrated system, in different versions, with compressors of small/medium size and designed to operate completely automatically, without other equipment or external control elements need. The MODULO is supplied in a cabin in a “plug & play” configuration.


  • ■ Manufacturer: JAB BECKER
  • ■ Model: Type V 190/300 NG3
  • ■ Cylinders: 4
  • ■ Stages: 4
  • ■ RPM: 1500
  • ■ INLET PRESSURE: 1,5 TO 3 bar G
  • ■ INLET TEMPERATURE: +0º C to 40ºC
  • ■ OUT MAX. PRES.: UP TO 300 bar G
  • ■ OUT TEMPERATURE: + 10ºc A.T.
  • ■ SOUND LEVEL: UP TO 90 dbA (1 m)


SUCTION PRESSURE (bar g) 1,5 2 2,5 3
FLOW RATE* (Nm3/h) 116 135 163 186

* Tolerance in the indicated value is +/- 5% of tolerance.

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