Spare parts selling

In addition to the different maintenance support services, the construction and the management of complex installations, GHS offers its customers the service of selling spare parts and mechanical and electrical components, especially to meet the demands of the gas sector.

Customers have access to a wide online catalog of standard products related to the gas industry.The sale of these products is organized following the group know-how that allows GHS customers to optimize time and resources in the search of their needs to develop different activities.

Also, GHS offers a service of search, selection and sale for non-standard components to cover the special need of its customers.

venta de genéricos

Generics are common components within the gas sector, which are used in many facilities and have GHS technical guarantee because they have been selected and tested for many years.

Within the family of generics we find the following examples: fittings, three-way valves, CNG guns, break away, pressure transmitters, temperature, safety valves, gas detectors, tubes, filters, separators, cartridges, flexibles, pressure gauges, valves, ATEX material, etc.

GENERICS can be obtained through THE GENERIC STORE, organized in a logical and intuitive vision for the maintainer. Each element is accompanied by a technical sheet and its corresponding photograph.


GHS also offers a supply service for special and non-standard components, thanks to the personalized attention of our engineers in understanding the customer’s need.

The accumulated experience in the sector, the technical knowledge and the permanent attention to the research and development of our group allow us to provide interesting solutions from the technical and economic point of view appropriate to the needs and demands of our clients.

Ask us for more information about our gas services and equipments. Explain us your problems and we will offer you a solution adapted to your needs.