Control systems

GHS offers systems to optimize the maintenance, logistics and operation of CNG / CNG facilities and vehicle (users) or gas transport fleets.

The systems developed by the group are fully adapted to meet the different demands of all our customers.

This system sends messages or automatic telephone calls to the maintainer to communicate breakdown or emergency situations specially designed for unattended stations that must remain operative 24/24.

GHS offers this highly advanced system for optimal maintenance management, specially adapted for critical service stations.
The system monitors the installation in real time in a permanent way analyzing the different variables and ratios against reference or historical operating values, launching warnings to the maintainer/user when unusual situations are detected, before breakdowns occur. The system provides the following information:

  • Trends of the most relevant operation values ​
  • Immediate problem notification.
  • Most interesting parameters daily summary (sale of gas, energy, etc.)
  • Installation operating parameters periodic analysis with recommendations for operation/maintenance

In case of coexistence of equipments form different manufacturers, GHS has created a system that collects information from each one and present all of them to the user in a common standard format that allows a better interpretation and understanding of the installation.

Additionally, the system allows to collect data in an available database


The SCADA systems developed by GHS allow automating, controlling and managing complex installations.

These systems are designed according to the needs of each client.

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