Support for operation and maintenance

The accumulated experience, the high level of specialization and the constant I+D into the EPM Gas Technology group has allowed GHS to develope an innovative and complete system of instruments and information that support all the operation and maintenance phases of an installation.

This system is currently available for operation and maintenance operators of NGV, CNG and LNG stations.

These are some of the solutions we can offer to our clients.


The system provides an automatic schedule of all the maintenance activities based on the times foreseen in the scheduled maintenance sheets of the different equipments, installations, either according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

This makes possible to optimally organize the maintainer’s time and ideally plan the supply of spare parts. The maintainer knows the activities to be developed periodically being able to technically and economically plan the maintenance activities.

To develop the different tasks of the maintenance calendar it is possible to have procedures that illustrate the way in which certain activities should be developed.


Discover in our video all the advantages of having GHS for the scheduled maintenance of installations related to the gas field.


Predictive maintenance reports that analyze the operation of the installation and present it in a way that is easily understandable to detect anomalies or malfunctions in equipment / installation operation.

The system can provide information about:

  • Production: gas sold, gas purchased, gas balance, active energy, reactive, ratios kWh / kg, kg / filling operations, etc.
  • Operation of the station: hours of operation, starts / stop pages per hour, availability of equipment, breakdowns, etc.


It is an ON LINE FORUM, a meeting point for maintainers to resolve the demands of corrective maintenance. The following actions can be developed through the FORUM:

  • Communication between colleagues of the same company
  • Communication with the client
  • Request help from experts
  • Find the necessary spare parts for an intervention
  • Search technical information about equipments
  • Find colleagues with similar problems


Through the forum it is possible to connect through Skype with experts (in the mechanical and electrical field) and ask for help in solving problems.

The expert community that serves the forum is international and composed with experts from companies associated with GHS. This community offers its knowledge to help you interpret your problems and obtain an appropriate diagnosis.




The client has the possibility to receive customized training courses for its technical staff.

soporte-mantenimiento infraestructuras gas

GHS customers have the possibility of supplying original spare parts for one or more equipments through a web platform “SPARE PARTS STORE” fully customized for each installation and customer that will help them identify the part they are looking for.

The simplicity and functionality with which the information has been organized, the possibility of finding the same references that are present in the equipment manufacturer’s manual, the part’s pictures and the possibility of carrying out different types of searches will allow all the customers find the spare parts needed in an easy and logical way.

The maintenance KITS are defined in GHS scheduled maintenance programs and group all spare parts and components that are necessary for the customer in a very simple way to carry out a maintenance intervention indicated in the calendar.

The maintenance KITS are customized for each installation. The customer should only request the KIT code when it is required in the maintenance program. GHS takes care of the rest.

They are accompanied by work procedures that describe the activity to be carried out.

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