Last 1st of November Gas Help Services (GHS), our company specialized in the supply of services and support in the construction and maintenance of facilities in the gas sector, opened our first own warehouse in the industrial zone of Leganés, in Madrid.

This location has been chosen taking into consideration logistical and strategic criteria. In addition, it is a space that meets all the requirements that the company was looking for. The warehouse is a large and well-organized space in order to fulfil effectively all the needs of our clients and meet their objectives.

This space will become the central warehouse of GHS, in which all the materials purchased from the different suppliers of the company will be received.

In this new warehouse, the following services are stored and managed:

  • All orders of the generic GHS material, including a minimum stock of all the company’s products that have a relevant sales volume.
  • The necessary spare parts for maintenance not programmed.
  • The kits for scheduled maintenance according to the company’s system.
  • All GHS rental equipment.

In this new workspace we also prepared the packaging and managed the company’s shipments.

The opening of the warehouse will allow to support the exponential growth of the company expected for 2019 thanks to the diffusion of the integrated services system of the GHS platform. Moreover, this new step reflects our evolution and business expansion since 1999 when the EPM Group was founded.

As from next year, the company is expected to have a specific workshop for the production and repairment of several generic components.

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